How It All Works

At Strauss Investments we have many different ways of investing in real estate with you. The most common and profitable way is called a “Joint Venture”. Simply put, this is 2 or more partners coming together with all terms, responsibilities and profits agreed upon for the mutual benefit of a Real Estate investment. As an added safety for our investors your name will be on the official title of all transactions. We find this to ease a lot of anxieties and the “what if” type questions.

We ask you to consider these 3 scenarios below.

Scenario 1.) You decided it was time to start investing. You called up your local bank and made an appointment to meet with one of their “Investment Specialists”. You went in and were surprised at the young age of the friendly “Specialist” also, you are almost certain that a few months prior they were serving you as a teller. You disregard these thoughts and decide to invest in the high yielding aggressive mutual fund portfolio you were offered. Fast forward 5 years and your investment is worth the same or less than your initial contribution.


Scenario 2.) You decide to meet with a “financial advisor/Planner etc.” You think, this person must know what they are talking about, what a job title they have! Nice big fancy office, nice building in a nice part of town. What could go wrong? You decided to invest. Fast forward 5 years and your investment is worth the same or less than your initial investment.

Now in both scenarios factor in inflation and all of the hidden fees, and you are literally losing money.

We’ve been there. We can attest to both Scenarios and it’s very disappointing.

Now try scenario 3

3.) You decide to meet with Strauss Investments. We discuss our options and agree on a Joint venture. You have a few small tasks in the beginning, then you sit back and leave it to your professional real estate investor that just so happens to be YOUR partner! We don’t make any profits unless you do. Fast forward 3-5 years and we have multiple options, all of which have your portfolio in the positive!